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Latest Trends in Rings?

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The wedding season is just around the corner. It is the right time to put your head together and make a life-long decision on how you want your wedding ring to be. Whether you are looking for a modern and stylish wedding band or have something classy in your mind, the latest trends have it all covered. This goes for inspirations on the engagement rings too.

Yellow Gold Returns

Yellow gold had never gotten out of fashion until recently and was always considered a luxury and the ultimate fashion. As the vintage fashion is picking up popularity, yellow gold is going to make a come back in engagement rings and wedding bands. Your gold ring will become a modern-bride-style statement as it offers more versatility and essentially goes very well with warmer skin tones. If you have a limited budget, yellow gold will back you in choosing a diamond solitaire that falls in your budget. Because the solitaire will not be placed right onto the white metal, and in a glance, the inferior diamond will look just as glaring as a pure white diamond.

Sustainability is the new in

Towards the end of 2019, we saw a shift in the general mindset toward conscious purchasing and transparency. The transition took the attention of the couples with a moral responsibility to tie the knot sustainably. Consumers are showing greater concern on unethical sourcing than they ever did before. They want their wedding rings made with 100% traceable, ethical mining sources. For such a socially conscious couple, there is a range of brands that are manufacturing wedding rings using fair-trade gold, recycled precious metals, and conflict-free diamonds only. As part of their corporate social responsibility, they also pledge to carry out green projects and give back to the local community.

It's all about the Stone

Over the years, brides have gradually moved away from the traditional diamond solitaire rings. They’re choosing uncustomary diamond cuts like marquise and pear shape over round brilliant and princess cut for the center of the rings. A lot of brides have started fancying colored gemstones as an alternative to diamonds, as it gives the ring an elegant yet bolder look. Emerald and Black diamond will be amongst the top choice this year for engagement rings. Asscher cut will once again become a popular choice because the year 2020 is all about reviving vintage styles. This cut looks enticing on a simple delicate band. Inspired by the trend set by Meghan Markle, the brides-to-be are obsessed with multiple stone rings. Engagement rings with three to five stones put together as a band is an extremely popular design these days. It even complements the wedding band when worn along with the engagement ring. The skyrocketing demand for multi-stone rings will continue to serve the clients.

Bands in Style

Those days are gone when the bands only served the purpose of holding the precious stones. Instead of opting for a plain band, clients are going for the ones that have some uniqueness to it. They love the idea of getting a band with an intertwined design as it brings out the delicacy of the ring. Many designers are preserving the traditional design of the bands, and they are giving it a fresh look by adding details on the gallery of the ring with mini gemstones. The brides and grooms-to-be are moved by such detailing. More and more couples are getting their rings engraved from the inside of the band as a symbol of their eternal love for each other. Afterall, the most attractive wedding ring is not always the most expensive one. It’s the one that has your heart.

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