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Thursday, 16 April 2020 19:18

Fashion Trends For Grooms

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Fashion Trends for Grooms

It seems like every year folks are predicting fashion trends for grooms.  The days are gone where the only option for a groom for his wedding suit was a classic blue or black tuxedo. The fashion focus has shifted to the groom's style and grooms often love to go for something out of the box. Below we have listed our Top 11 wedding suit trends for 2020. Of course we cannot give you an image of each so get your google search bar ready.


  • Double Breasted Suits 


Double-breasted suits have gained a lot of popularity and hype in recent years. With the slim fit design these jackets are being worn by the groom to “Look Different” from all other wedding party guests. We think this trend will continue to gain popularity through 2020!


  • Slim Fit Suits


One of the styles that will very much be “on-trend” for the next wedding season is slim fit suits.. These suits have now merged with more classically tailored fit suits. The slim fit suit is of course not for all body types but if the suit fits, where it.


  • Jewel Tones: Great go-to!


Blue, grey and black wedding suits have been the staple for almost a decade, but now colors like maroon, green, burgundy are becoming mainstream. The idea of ‘something different’ allows the grooms to make a statement on their big day, therefore, we expect even more increase of unusual yet rich colors this year.


  • Morning Suits


The resurgence of morning suits in 2019 is one of our favorites. If you are looking for something different and  sophisticated, this is it.  


  • Dinner Suits – Black-tie Weddings


Classy for black-tie weddings, the dinner suits add an undeniable sense of glamour and sophistication to the wedding. The trend for black-tie wedding suits will continue to increase in 2020. 


  • Bold Check Suits – Bold Statement


We believe that in 2020, grooms will shift towards a revolution in the design of the material not just the design of the fitting. The grooms with a fashionable and daring attitude who love to be 'on-trend' will be choosing bold check suits for their Big Day! Seriously, this is a trend our publisher is in love with.


  • Velvet Jackets – Velvety Chic


Velvet jackets paired with black pants are becoming increasingly popular as a choice for the guys going down the aisle. There are numerous colors of velvet jackets, all of which when paired with black pants give a chic yet classic look! Do not want to go all velvet? Go for a velvet bow tie for just a touch of this feel good fabric.


  • Fun Tie Patterns


Talking about incorporating playful patterns to your wedding attire, there are tons of floral, stripes, pin-dot designs for neckties. Grooms and groomsmen alike are embracing a daring and a bold look. 


  • Standout Jackets


Making a bold statement with a “standout jacket” became popular in 2019 and will continue to increase in 2020. Whether it is checks, bold prints or a plain colored jacket with a contrast tie, it will look modish and trendy! 


  • Tweeds 


Tweeds will probably never go out of style. Perfect for rustic style outdoor weddings. Incorporate this rustic and classic fabric to your wedding attire and give your groom’s suit a stylish touch! 


  • Modish Accessories 


Classy and trendy accessories can enhance the look of your groom’s suit on the big day. Add a brooch, a mix and match pocket scarf, modish cufflinks, or maybe on-trend flowers to your jacket and you are all set to give a modern statement on your big day! 

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