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Thursday, 16 April 2020 19:15

3 Ways To Figure Out The Ring Size Of Your Bride To Be Without Her Knowing Featured

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Getting engaged can be tricky. You can plan out how you want to do it, you can plan out what you want to say, but you might have a hard time without one of the more important aspects of an engagement: the ring. Sure, you can take a guesstimate of her ring size and if it doesn’t fit, you can just get it resized, but the moment might not be as romantic if you’re cutting the blood circulation to her finger by trying to force it on in the moment. Imagine if everyone was watching, you don’t want to embarrass yourself, or her when you slide the ring on and then it falls right off because you guessed too big. Let’s take a look at some ways to figure out the ring size of your girl without her knowing.

3. Try It While She Sleeps

This might sound like the obvious option to try, but this might be difficult if you’re sleeping in the dark or she’s a light sleeper. Murphy's Law says that she can sleep through all kinds of things except when you need her to. You know the minute you touch her hand her eyes will shoot wide open and that’s going to make it difficult. Just don’t make it too obvious by slipping measurement rings around her finger as she sleeps. If she wakes up with one on, then you’re caught, and the moment is ruined forever. It’s something you’ll remember until you die.

2. Joke Around With Her

If you’re feeling especially risky, you can try Chandler’s route from the hit 90s sitcom, Friends, and pretend like you don’t care about marriage at all. Give her a hypothetical like, “Let’s say you wear me down and I finally do want to get married, what would your ring size be? Of course, this is completely hypothetical, and I don’t really want to get married. This is all a joke.” Once you’ve convinced her that you absolutely do not want to get married, then you have to quickly get that ring because she probably had all her old dating sites downloading the moment you said marriage isn’t in your future. You saw what almost happened to Chandler in Friends. Of course, our life isn’t like that television show. If it was, then maybe things wouldn’t be this bad, but there are some important lessons you can learn from it.

1. Have Someone Else Help You

Rings don’t always mean you’re going to get married. You can have her mom, her sister, your sister, your mom, your mom's sister, or basically any woman off the street help you figure out her ring size. The trick is having them go out shopping. Don’t make it just be to a jewelry store. Make it the last place they go to. Make it such a small point in the day that she doesn’t even remember it. Have the amazing human helping you help her try on fashion rings. Just make sure the female isn’t cracking a smile the whole time as if the plan is working, your girl might get the hint.

Remember, if all else fails, and you get the wrong size, the embarrassing moment will be all over social media within seconds. SECONDS! Everyone has a phone. There’s just no coming back from that. No pressure or anything.

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