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Engagement Rings vs Wedding bands: Top Differences to Know

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While many may see the physical differences between engagement rings and wedding bands, there are a lot more that can’t be seen. Sure, they are bought and worn at different times making them distinct, but what about the unique meaning behind each? Before you propose to the love of your life, it’s important to know all of the top differences between the two to create the perfect engagement ring and wedding band set.

After you understand the significance of when to buy each ring and who wears which, you can concentrate on the part that really matters: finding the right style that will put a sparkle in her eyes. Here are all the biggest differences between engagement rings and wedding bands to help aid you in your selection.

About Engagement Rings

How to buy an engagement ring is often more widely known and talked about. That’s because it’s the first purchase and often the most nerve-wracking. There are so many different options that it may seem overwhelming at times to choose the perfect one at the right price. Speaking of overall cost, the price of an engagement ring will depend on the details you choose—such as if you decide to purchase a mined diamond over a more affordable man-made diamond for the center stone, or if you choose to add accent stones to the shank. So, the price of an engagement ring will vary vastly from person to person. But before you dive into the shopping journey, learn the basics of engagement rings.


Who wears them: An engagement ring is most commonly worn by the bride-to-be, but that’s not always the case. Some men—whether in a same-sex relationship or not—are becoming more apt to wear an engagement ring before the wedding ceremony. This will depend on your unique relationship.

When are they worn: Engagement rings are worn after a successful proposal, which happens before getting married. Every couple is on their own unique timeline. So, while this may happen a year from the ceremony for some, it may be longer or shorter for others. This can be decided after the exciting part, which, of course, if seeing her eyes light up when you present her with a stunning engagement ring.

Why are they worn: Have you ever wondered just why we have this tradition? It may surprise you that engagement rings weren’t always customary. In fact, we didn’t start presenting women with rings until around the 1940s when a popular advertising slogan, A Diamond is Forever, suddenly started showing up everywhere. The rest is history.

About Wedding Bands

Unlike engagement rings, wedding bands may be a little more difficult to shop for as not as much thought or time is put into them—which can be a problem. Your wedding band is a symbol of your marriage and, just like an engagement ring, will be worn for the rest of your life. So instead of quickly purchasing a wedding band right before the ceremony, it’s important you put enough thought into it to ensure you feel comfortable wearing it for years to come.

Who wears them: Unlike engagement rings which are typically only worn by one person in the relationship, wedding bands are worn by both. And while they appear relatively similar they usually feature a few distinct differences. For example, men’s wedding bands tend to have a wider shank and little to no accent stones. On the other hand, women’s wedding bands are thinner and sometimes feature accents that match their engagement ring.

When are they worn: Wedding bands are exchanged during the wedding ceremony and are worn every day thereafter. While engagement rings are sometimes taken off for travel or a day at the beach, wedding bands are less frequently taken off. So, once you exchange vows and slide the rings on each other’s fingers, they stay on forevermore.

Why are they worn: The symbolic meaning behind your wedding band may differ from person to person, but in general, they represent your wedding day and overall commitment while married. Each time you gaze at your ring finger, you can admire all that it means: the love you have for one another and the years you’ve vowed to stay committed.

Engagement Rings vs Wedding Bands

Now that you know the main differences between engagement rings and wedding bands, you’re on your way to choosing the perfect rings for you and your significant other. Once you’ve found the right ones, you can wear them proudly knowing what they represent and stunning they will look for decades to come.

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