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Photographing your Winter Wedding Featured

Written by Susan Blackburn
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Winter Weddings have become very popular lately and what is not to love?

A blanket of fresh snow, bouquets with evergreens, rich fabrics and furs… all sumptuous and romantic! But planning the day in terms of your wedding photos presents some unique challenges. Fear not, we have you covered. Below are some of our best tips and tricks to make sure you get beautiful photos with the least amount of stress.


Plan ahead for an early sunset

It seems obvious, but many times couples forget that the sun sets pretty early in the day in the Winter in Upstate NY. If you want to get great outdoor images, make sure you take that into account. The most beautiful light of the day is usually an hour before sunset, also called the “Golden Hour.” If your ceremony begins after sunset, you might want to do a First Look to take advantage of daylight. Also, if you love the look of night photos, make sure you allot time in your day for that.

Plan for unpredictable weather.

Bad weather can complicate your travel plans, so make sure you leave extra time in case there is snow or icy road conditions. Even better, consider having your ceremony at the same venue as the reception so you do not need to travel more than is absolutely necessary. Adding additional time into your schedule will ensure that you have time to create all the pictures you want without being stressed out if things get a little crazy with the weather. Plan for unpredictable weather in terms of your attire as well. It can get really cold in the Adirondack Region. We recommend that if you are planning for outdoor photos that the bride invest in a pair of warm, waterproof boots–they can still be super cute. A fur stole or jacket is also a great investment. Gloves or mittens and a beautiful pashmina are all wonderful items to have on hand. We have even had brides with big poofy dresses wear thermal underwear or sweats underneath their dresses during the outdoor photo session. If your dress is more formfitting, at least get some knee socks to keep your legs warm. Needless to say, the bridesmaids would also appreciate warm mittens or stoles.

Plan for the right flowers

Keep in mind that some flowers, such as hydrangeas, do not hold up at all well in subzero temperatures. Be sure to ask your florist what will work best for bouquets and boutonnières for outdoor pictures. If there is a delicate flower you simply must have, use them for the centerpieces and use a hardier flower for your personal flowers. There you have it—follow these simple suggestions and you will be able to enjoy your Winter Wedding stress free!
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