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Live Life Travel: Give Back Featured

Written by Written by Amy Baker, Director, Business Strategy, Live Life Travel | livelifetravel.world | Photos Provided
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Live Life Travel is providing different levels of mindful exploration.   

We believe the best experiences are the ones that stay with us for years to come and open our eyes and hearts to different cultures, community, wildlife, and the environment.  We want our clients to enjoy the beauty of their destination, unwind, relax and to truly engage where they are.  Whether it is volunteering or being exposed to different cultures and environments.

We customize immersive experiences depending on interests with the right formula of purposeful travel so when you get home, you have the tools and knowledge to expand and continue the relationships you created - your view of the world will hopefully become richer and more fulfilling and change your perspective of travel. 

Travel can be 90% relaxation and 10% educational/give back. The exact formula is always up to you.  There is no right or wrong, at the end of the day, every experience that we plan is 100% customized for each couple, family, or group. Live Life Travel will do the research for you and create the formula that works best.  Ask us how this can be incorporated into your next bespoke adventure.

My travel experience started with 100% focus on relaxation and a bit of adventure.  I quickly realized I needed more and started my quest in researching different ways to engage with the island, city, or country we were visiting that felt more meaningful and authentic.  It was an investment of time and worth every minute.  I love to meet local people and have dinner in their homes, meet their children and see where there are opportunities for my help when I return home.  

Hawaii’s Give Back Program:

Each island of Hawaii offers diverse, engaging, and mindful ways to have an enriching experience.  The Hawaiian Islands itinerary that can change your life isn’t found in a guidebook. What makes the Hawaiian Islands truly special is not only the stunning natural beauty or the vibrant culture - it’s the deeply rooted relationship that connects them.

That relationship between people and place grows stronger every time you malama (give back). When you give back - to the land, the ocean, the wildlife, the forest, the fishpond, the community - you are part of the virtuous circle that enriches everything and everyone.

There has never been a more rewarding time to give back.  The concept of malama, or ‘to care for,’ is part of the essence of life in Hawaii, connecting us to this place and our ancestors,” said Shermaine Rodrigues, director of guest experience at Four Seasons Resort Maui. “At Four Seasons Maui, we have a kuleana, or responsibility, to share this concept with our guests and invite them to actively engage with these cultural ideals. Many of our guests have taken the opportunity to give back. Now more than ever, regenerative travel resonates with visitors,” she said.

Not only can you feel good about yourself for helping one of our world’s most beautiful destinations through this malama program, but most of our hotel partners are offering very generous incentives to do so, including free nights, daily breakfast and $250 resort credits.  Please contact us through our website for more information (click “Let’s Start Planning”) www.livelifetravel.world

Below are examples by island of some of the amazing programs that you are able to get involved with and make a real impact.


Learn about ecological issues affecting Maunalua Bay and volunteer by participating in removing three types of invasive algae threatening marine sanctuaries in the bay’s near-shore waters. For an immersive, hands-on mālama 'āina experience you will want to consider a volunteer workday with eco-nonprofit Papahana Kualoa - sinking your feet into the satisfyingly muddy earth of its lo'i kalo (irrigated taro terraces) to do the good work of helping plant or harvest kalo, a staple crop of the Native Hawaiian diet. Or you can simply decide to head up North and plant a tree.


Kauai has vibrant forest areas. With the Kauai Forest Bird Recovery Project, travelers can participate in a remote video review to help identify the island’s protected birds and their activity and patterns. You can also join a virtual seminar to learn more about the native forest birds and the eco-project’s conservation efforts. Held monthly, the project’s Forest Fridays virtual series focuses on the protection of the threatened native 'i'iwi bird and three federally endangered native bird species — the puaiohi, 'akikiki, and akeke'e — with a goal of facilitating recovery of their populations in the wild. Visitors can also view prior series segments via the Kaua'i Forest Bird Recovery Project’s YouTube channel. 


The ocean conservation activities at the nonprofit Pacific Whale Foundation are a must-see. Visitors in the foundation’s Coastal Marine Debris Monitoring Program will want to head out to Maui’s scenic coastline areas to collect and track debris. Data recorded by the foundation helps to mitigate and prevent shoreline and marine life damage. If visitors want to participate in the critical environmental work of removing invasive species from Maui’s protected lands,  the nonprofit Hawaii Land Trust does vital stewardship work contributing to wildlife protection efforts at the island’s Waihe'e Coastal Dunes and Wetlands Refuge. 

Island of Hawaii (The Big Island)

Travelers looking to be surrounded by nature on their travels are invited to join in on the work of the Waikōloa Dry Forest Initiative volunteering to help restore and replant its 275-acre lowland dry forest preserve. Activities for volunteers include building trails, tree planting, clearing invasive plant life and more, all while taking in the sights and sounds of the preserve’s tranquil landscape. Adventure seekers interested in mountain hiking and volunteer work are encouraged to check out the workdays of Uluhao o Hualālai for a private eco-tour traversing the mature koa and 'ōhi'a forests of 8,271-foot Hualālai volcano. In addition to hiking to one of the volcano’s many craters and learning about the cultural significance of the surrounding landscape, visitors are also invited to participate in the group’s reforestation efforts by planting native trees. 

Even if you are headed to a Sandals or a Beaches resort, we have a very simple “Give Back” program that you may choose to participate in, just ask us about it and we’ll be happy to help you help the world while you travel.

For a list of participating Hawaii hotels and more information on the Malama program: www.gohawaii.com/malama. If you book Malama through Live Life Travel, you will get an additional $100 credit towards your final payment as well as a matched donation of $100 towards the Malama program.  Valid for the length of the hotel promotions.

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