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Friday, 31 January 2020 16:17

5 Things Your Wedding Planner Will Do For You

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Does the idea of putting together your wedding day just seem like it's monstrously difficult? You're not alone! Many couples have anxiety about things that could go wrong on their big day which is totally natural after all, you have never done this before. Getting all upset in the days before your wedding or even worse, the day of, are completely unacceptable and unnecessary.

Having a wedding planner on board can make things so much easier for an already-anxious couple. Wondering what exactly a wedding planner can help with? Here are a few of the larger items that the right wedding planner can help you with.

Setting Up Your Budget

Your budget is most likely at the top of your priority list in planning your wedding and a wedding planner is just the help you need! A capable wedding planner will help determine a realistic budget for your wedding. They can give you valuable insight into what different aspects of your wedding will cost, so you have an accurate picture of how much you'll be spending!

Help You Find the Right Venue

Every couple wants to find the ideal venue to hold the wedding ceremony, the rehearsal dinner and the reception. The venue should be easily accessible, aesthetically pleasing, and be in sync with the style and feel you want for your wedding. Luckily, experienced wedding planners have worked with various managers in locations around the area, and know quite a lot about different venue options. This not only puts them in a good spot to make recommendations, but they are likely to know some of the little nuances about the different locations that may make a venue perfect for your wedding day.

Coordinate with Vendors

Here's the thing you don’t want to waste time on while planning your wedding day: negotiating with dozens of vendors until you find the perfect match. Thankfully, your wedding planner has already worked with most of or all these vendors in the past. Be it your videographer, florist, or DJ - the wedding planner most likely has a valuable opinion on who you should pick.

Once you're done choosing the vendors, you're still going to be saving time by communicating with all of them through your wedding planner. Just convey your vision to your planner, and sit back while they put it together!

Manage the Wedding Rehearsal

It's always a little tricky to make sure the wedding rehearsal is carried out productively. Most people are not sure what they are supposed to be doing and sometimes it can be a lot like herding kittens. You're already stressed out about your wedding day and this just shouldn’t be something you have to deal with. Wedding Planner to the rescue. The wedding planner can handle everything for you. You should probably get them a cape because they will be your own personal super hero. They can coordinate the rehearsal on your behalf and ensure that the wedding party is prepped up for the big day!

Create An Executable Plan

Your wedding day consists of way too many little details that you won't even remember to factor in beforehand. Where will the guests place the gifts? How will you get the guests from place to place? When will you eat dinner? Wedding planner to the rescue! Your wedding planner will create an executable plan of the wedding schedule and make sure everything is on track before the event commences.


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